Promoting a healthy planet and a healthier you!

Green Clean Solutions was launched in 2007 offering organic, plant-based, aromatherapeutic cleaning products for the home or office. Our products are always hand crafted with care in small batches using certified organic plant based ingredients and pure essential oils. Our all natural, earth friendly cleaning solutions are simple, yet highly effective at killing germs and odor causing bacteria. They are designed with you, and your family's health in mind. Our goal is to make the act of cleaning your home an enjoyable and pleasant experience.


Cleaning your home using our non-toxic, environmentally safe, products can make you feel relaxed, uplifted, and help you gather your thoughts, or help to clear your mind through aromatherapy. Our use of only the highest quality therapeutic grade pure essential oils not only make you feel good, but bring cleaning, disinfecting and anti-bacterial qualities to our products. Green Clean Solutions are always non-toxic, and are quickly and completely biodegradable. They are septic, grey water, and ground water safe. Plus, safe to use around your children and your pets.   


If you have been looking for a safe and effective alternative to conventional cleaning products and are ready to make changes in your home for a greener and healthier living space, start with small changes that make a big difference like using our products. They not only promote a healthy home, but a healthy planet.


So do like we do...turn up the tunes, sing, dance, and breathe deep while you clean! Get a good nights sleep knowing you are doing your part to begin the process of making changes in your home to help contribute to the health of the planet and the health of your family.


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